Swift Adopts the Language Server Protocol

Apple’s Swift team announced they are going to provide support for using Swift with the Language Ser
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Smoke is a New Lightweight Server-Side Framework for Swift from Amazon

Amazon Smoke framework is a new open-source light-weight server-side framework written in Swift and
InfoQ 2018年10月15日
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Swift 5 Enters Latest Development Stage to Release

After officially delivering Swift 4.2, the Swift team is now focusing on Swift 5 by kicking off the
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Swift 4.2 Hits the Road

One year after the release of Swift 4, Swift 4.2 is now official. It brings a number of improvements
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Swift 2.3升级到Swift 3.0小记

gt; 阿里云App从Swift 2.1开始使用Swift,随时不断的推进,现在所有的业务代码都用Swift编写。由于Swift 3.0语法上有诸多改变,所以从Swift 2.3升级到Swift 3.
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Article: App Architecture, iOS Application Design Patterns in Swift Review and Author Q&A

App Architecture, iOS Application Design Patterns in Swift by Chris Eidhof, Matt Gallagher, and Flor
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文章: 苹果公司开源的Swift版Netty:SwiftNIO

SwfitNIO是由苹果公司开源的一款基于事件驱动的跨平台网络应用程序开发框架,其目标是帮助开发者快速开发出高性能且易于维护的服务器端和客户端应用协议。 By SwiftNIO Translated
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Swift 4.1 Enhances Generics, Compiler Optimizations, and Package Manager

Swift 4.1 is not officially available, bringing new language features, build options, and a few enha
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Swift 4.2 Enters Final Development Stage, Paving the Way for Swift 5

With Swift 4.1 being close to its official release in Xcode 9.3, currently available in beta, the Sw
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Apple Open-Sources SwiftNIO, a Low-Level Non-Blocking I/O Framework for Swift

At the recent try! Swift Conference in Tokyo, Apple announced the SwiftNIO project, a Netty-like non
InfoQ 2018年03月04日
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文章: LLVM:Swift、Rust、Clang等语言的强大后盾

infoQ 2018年02月13日
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Swift 4.1 Brings Conditional Conformance and More

Swift 4.1, available in Xcode 9.3, brings a number of improvements to the language, including automa
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Swift Has Got Its Discussion Forum

The Swift team has announced the migration of several Swift mailing lists to the Swift Forums, which
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Building More Reliable Apps with Uber Engineering’s Startup Reason Reporter

In this article, members of Uber’s Mobile Platform team introduce Startup Reason Reporter, our new o
Uber Engineerin 2017年08月11日
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One Day

这几年,前端技术发展很快,每年都有新的技术名词流行,ReactJS、Angular 2、VUE、微信小程序。。。而我重新学习了 swift ,是的,重新学习,之前读过《swift 1.0 从入门到放弃
前端观察 2016年11月21日