Presentation: Reactive Spring Security 5.1 by Example

Rob Winch demos applying Spring Security to a reactive application, highlighting some of the new fea
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SpringOne Platform 2018 SpringOne Conferences Spring Security

Delivering Meaning with Previews on Web

By Corey Grunewald and Tony Casparro As the Netflix catalog of films and series continues to grow,
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Storybook 4 Release Supports Six New View Layers

The Storybook 4.0 release adds support for six new view layers including Ember, MarkoJS, and Svelte,
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Presentation: Under the Hood of Reactive Data Access

Mark Paluch explains what happens inside the Spring Data 5 reactive driver and how data is accessed
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Spring Data SpringOne Platform 2018 SpringOne Conferences

Presentation: Reactive Relational Database Connectivity

Ben Hale discusses the Reactive Relational Database Connectivity (R2DBC), explaining how the API wor
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SpringOne Platform 2018 SpringOne Conferences JDBC

React 项目结构和组件命名之道

gt; * 原文地址:[structuring projects and naming components in react](
前端与交互设计 react 阿里技术协会 模块

JetBrains Releases React-Based Ring UI 1.0

The RingUI 1.0 release introduces a new visual language for components within light and dark environ
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Taro 1.1 发布,全面支持微信/百度/支付宝 小程序

aro(多端统一开发框架)1.1 版本正式来袭,在延续了之前版本优秀特性的同时,全面开启对微信/百度/支付宝 小程序的支持。 13天
小程序 React 小程序 Nerv

React Native重构路线图发布!

Facebook正式公开了React Native重构计划的一些细节。 By 覃云
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移动 前端 路线图 Facebook

React Conf 2018 Introduces React Hooks and React 16.7 Alpha

The recent React Conf 2018 includes the alpha release of React 16.7, a Hooks proposal for using stat
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Presentation: Multi-service Reactive Streams Using Spring, Reactor, and RSocket

Ben Hale, Rossen Stoyanchev explore how to create a fully reactive multi-service architecture utiliz
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SpringOne Platform 2018 SpringOne Conferences Spring

Babel 7 Release Improves Support for ES.Next Proposals and TypeScript

The Babel 7 release includes many significant changes and improvements including support for TypeScr
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Presentation: Guide to "Reactive" for Spring MVC Developers

Rossen Stoyanchev explains reactive features in Spring, how using reactive libraries changes how to
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Supercharging Marketo's Campaign Engine at Reactive Summit

Marketo is a marketing automation software, executing over 20 billions customer defined actions per
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Performance & Scalability Akka Reactive Summit Architecture & Design

Mini book: The InfoQ eMag: Domain-Driven Design in Practice

This eMag highlights some of the experience of real-world DDD practitioners, including the challenge
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