Google Adds Android Support for Kotlin 1.3 and Optimizes for Foldable Devices

Google has presented a series of news at the Android Dev Summit, including new features of kotlin 1.
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Java command line arguments

The program arguments passed at launching the Java program are called command line arguments. While
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A Guide to Recursion in Java

Recursion is referred to a programming style where a method invokes itself repeatedly until a certai
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Article: Stateful Service Design Considerations for the Kubernetes Stack

At this summer’s QCon in New York, Jonas Bonér delivered one of the most popular talks of the confer
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Java instance initializer blocks

Java instance initializers are code blocks which are executed before the constructor code is execute
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Java instance initializer blocks

Java instance initializers are code blocks which are executed before the constructor code is execute
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Article: Building a Web App With Yeoman

Yeoman is an efficient open-source software system for scaffolding web applications, used for stream
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Java Naming Conventions

Java naming conventions are sort of guidelines which application programmers are expected to follow
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Presentation: Spring Boot 2.0 Web Applications

Brian Clozel, Stéphane Nicoll demo a WebFlux application and leverage Boot features such as Actuator
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Presentation: The New Kid on the Block: Spring Data JDBC

Jens Schauder describes the current state of Spring Data JDBC, its features and some of the underlyi
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Mini book: The JHipster Mini-Book 5.0

The JHipster Mini-Book is a guide to getting started with hip technologies today: Angular, Bootstrap
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Babylon.js 3.3 Improves Particle System and WebVR Support for 3D Games

The Babylon.js 3.3 release leverages features from the Microsoft Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) to imp
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Difference between this and super in Java

this and super are reserved keywords in Java. this refer to current instance of a class while super
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strictfp modifier in Java

Java strictfp modifier ensures that all floating-point operations across different JVMs will provide
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Difference between final, finally and finalize in Java

In this Java tutorial, learn about difference between final, finally and finalize in detail. In shor
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