Announcing NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes Release 1.4.0

We are pleased to announce release 1.4.0 of the NGINX Ingress Controller for Kubernetes. This repres
Blog Tech releases NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller

NGINX and the “Power of Two Choices” Load-Balancing Algorithm

New use cases sometimes require new load‑balancing algorithms, and in NGINX Plus R16 and open source
Blog Tech load balancing Random with Two Choices load-balancing algorithm

Architecting Robust Enterprise Application Network Services with NGINX and Diamanti

If you’re actively involved in architecting enterprise applications to run in production Kubernetes
Blog Tech load balancing containers

An Open Memo to IBM: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

IBM’s recent acquisition of Red Hat came as a shock to many in the industry. It does have some overa
Blog Opinion Red Hat IBM

NGINX Unit Now Supports TLS and JavaScript Apps with Node.js

When our engineering team showed me the initial code for TLS support a few weeks ago, I blocked off
Blog Tech Node.js SSL/TLS

High Availability for Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services with NGINX Plus

Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) enables organizations that host applications
NGINX 2018年10月17日
Blog Tech high availability (HA) Microsoft Active Directory

NGINX Conf 2018, Day 2: How NGINX Is Making Huge Strides Against the Backdrop of Rapid Digital Transformation

While Day 1 of NGINX Conf 2018 was more about the big picture, on Day 2 we drilled down with several
NGINX 2018年10月13日
Blog Tech NGINX Conf 2018

NGINX Conf 2018, Day 1: Five Takeaways as Companies Journey To Microservices

NGINX Conf 2018 kicked off in Atlanta yesterday, with hundreds of developers, operators and architec
NGINX 2018年10月11日
Blog Tech NGINX Conf 2018

Announcing the NGINX Partner Network: Our Unique, Ecosystem Approach to Partnering

A few months ago NGINX’s fearless leader, Gus Robertson, wrote a blog about our Series C funding rou
NGINX 2018年10月10日
Blog News NGINX Conf 2018 NGINX Partner Network

Updating the NGINX Application Platform with New Clustering, API Management, and Service Mesh Capabilities

The world is going digital at breakneck speed. Technology is front and center in our day‑to‑day live
NGINX 2018年10月09日
Blog Tech NGINX Plus NGINX Plus clustering

Introducing NGINX API Management: Manage NGINX Plus API Gateways with NGINX Controller

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become central to the digital economy. Forbes dubbed 
NGINX 2018年10月09日
Blog Tech API gateway NGINX Controller

Securing the Perimeter: Achieving Zero Trust with NGINX Plus and SSO/Rest

The move to cloud computing means that more of our data, our operations, and our business are being
NGINX 2018年10月09日
Blog Tech NGINX Plus Certified Module web access management

Not All Software Load Balancers Are Created Equal

According to findings by InformationWeek and Interop ITX, 50% of organizations have implemented DevO
NGINX 2018年10月04日
Blog Opinion load balancing application delivery controller (ADC)

Securing Applications in Microsoft Azure App Service with NGINX Plus

The rise of cloud computing – and Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Container as a Service (CaaS) off
NGINX 2018年10月04日
Blog Tech NGINX Plus Microsoft Azure

NGINX Unit: Updating Apps with 100% Uptime

Today we’re releasing the second in our series of videos about NGINX Unit: Live App Updates at 100%
NGINX 2018年10月02日
Blog Tech NGINX Unit video tutorial