HackerRank: Summing the N series

Finally a problem where we need a little bit of math to solve it. It is called Summing the N series,
mathblog.dk 2018年06月27日
HackerRank Hackerrank Python Series

HackerRank – Cutting Paper Squares

How ever much I like paper, rock and scissor we only use paper and scissor in the problem of cutting
mathblog.dk 2018年06月20日
HackerRank Hackerrank Python

HackerRank: Connecting Towns

Welcome to the Shire… Well at least welcome to Middle Earth, we don’t actually need to travel throug
mathblog.dk 2018年06月13日
HackerRank Combinatorics Hackerrank Modulo

HackerRank: Minimum Height Triangle

It is always fun to work with triangles in any kind of setting not least problem solving in HackerRa
mathblog.dk 2018年06月06日
HackerRank Geometry Hackerrank Python

HackerRank: Handshake

Time to shake hands with a lot of people in the next HackerRank challenge called Handshake. The prob
mathblog.dk 2018年05月30日
HackerRank Arithmetic Hackerrank Python

HackerRank: Maximum Draws

Second round of the fundamental mathematics problems on HackerRank is called Maximum draws.  It asks
mathblog.dk 2018年05月23日
HackerRank Combinatorics Hackerrank Python

HackerRank: Find the Point

I finally found the math problems on HackerRank which makes me so happy. So let’s getting cracking o
mathblog.dk 2018年05月16日
HackerRank Uncategorized Geometry Hackerrank

HackerRank: Utopian Trees

I found another fun little problem at HackerRank called Utopian trees. It is not an easy due to the
mathblog.dk 2018年05月09日
HackerRank Algebra Hackerrank Python

Shenzhen I/O: Carbine Target Illuminator

Once again we are going to make equipment for military use. Someone in the company is not going to b
mathblog.dk 2018年05月02日
Shenzhen IO Assembly

Hackerrank: Forming a magic Square

I must admit that this problem actually took me a good while to solve. Once you have the right insig
mathblog.dk 2018年04月25日
HackerRank Hackerrank Magic Square Puzzle

Shenzhen I/O: Personal Sandwich Maker

Yeah, this time we are going to make a personal sandwich maker. What could possibly go wrong when ma
mathblog.dk 2018年04月18日
Shenzhen IO Assembly

Shenzhen I/O: Token-Based Payment Kiosk

You are into history or at least history reenactment? That is what this puzzle is about, but apparen
mathblog.dk 2018年04月11日
Shenzhen IO Assembly

Shenzhen I/O: Unknown Optimization Device

Poseidon-779 a Decentralized Autonomous Corporation has decided that we need to help them go into Th
mathblog.dk 2018年04月04日
Shenzhen IO Assembly Thorium

Shenzhen I/O: Color-Changing Vape Pen

Welcome back to china and our electronic building company. This time we got a contract with Cool Dad
mathblog.dk 2018年03月28日
Shenzhen IO Assembly LED

Shenzhen I/O – Laser Tag Equipment

I did not know that our company made weapons. But I guess as long as it is laser tag equipment it sh
mathblog.dk 2018年03月21日
Shenzhen IO Assembly Logic