Facebook London and U.K. Year of Engineering campaign focus on future of engineering

We are committed to building a future workforce that is as diverse as the communities we serve. As p
Culture Production Engineering

Data @Scale – Boston recap

Recently, we hosted Data @Scale, an invitation-only technical conference for engineers working on la
Core Data

Making floating point math highly efficient for AI hardware

In recent years, compute-intensive artificial intelligence tasks have prompted creation of a wide va
AI Research Data Infrastructure

Open-sourcing FBGEMM for state-of-the-art server-side inference

Facebook is open-sourcing FBGEMM, a high-performance kernel library, optimized for server-side infer
Developer Tools ML Applications Open Source

Open-sourcing foundational tools for AI performance

WHAT IT IS: QNNPACK and FBGEMM are high-performance kernel libraries that enable mobile devices and
AI Research Developer Tools ML Applications Open Source

Getafix: How Facebook tools learn to fix bugs automatically

Facebook has built a tool called Getafix that automatically finds fixes for bugs and offers them to
Developer Tools ML Applications

Zero-shot learning: Using text to more accurately identify images

WHAT THE RESEARCH IS: Zero-shot learning (ZSL) is a process by which a machine learns to recognize o
AI Research

React Conf recap: Hooks, Suspense, and Concurrent Rendering

This year’s React Conf took place on October 25 and 26 in Henderson, Nevada, where more than 600 att
Open Source Web

Horizon: The first open source reinforcement learning platform for large-scale products and services

An end-to-end platform built on PyTorch 1.0 that is designed to jump start RL's transition from rese
AI Research ML Applications

Facebook open-sources new suite of Linux kernel components and tools

An integral part of Facebook’s engineering culture has always been our development work on open sour
Networking & Traffic Open Source Production Engineering

QNNPACK: Open source library for optimized mobile deep learning

Facebook is open-sourcing QNNPACK, a high-performance kernel library that is optimized for mobile AI
Android Developer Tools iOS ML Applications

Facebook, NYU expand available languages for natural language understanding systems

WHAT THE RESEARCH IS: The XLNI data set, created for evaluating cross-lingual approaches to natural
AI Research

Significantly faster generation and training for AI-based audio systems

WHAT THE RESEARCH IS: A neural audio synthesizer that generates musical notes based on specific inst
AI Research

MobileLab: Highly accurate testing to prevent mobile performance regressions

Early in our mobile optimization efforts, each fix meant big leaps in performance improvement. Today
Android iOS

TIP Summit 2018: Advancing efforts to improve global connectivity

Bringing more people online at faster speeds requires innovation throughout the telecom landscape. T
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